L6NRG Montana I, L.P.


A new Delaware Partnership

Great oil investment idea!

Oil & Gas Partnership

An Independent Partnership engaged in the development, exploitation and exploration of oil and gas properties in Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming.

Agressive Strategy

  • Acquire non-operated positions in high quality acreage;
  • Partner with leading E&P operators with a successful track record
  • Operates in the Rockies, second largest Oil reserve region in the USA

New Dynamic

Time is now to invest in O&G partnerships as the new Administration is supporting the Oil Industry; the need for US Oil is critical at this time, as per the EIA; the need for Crude oil is projected to steadily grow thru 2040!

Tax Shelter

O&G Partnerships remains the ultimate Tax Shelter according to the Tax code 2017. You may recoup the first year up to 80% of the costs invested.

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