Areas of Operation

Areas of Operations

  L6NRG partnerships collectively own interests in about 10,000 acres and 55 producing oil and natural gas wells in the continental United States. Our area of activity is highlighted on the map below. Currently, our core area of activity is concentrated in the Bakken and Three Forks areas in Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. (the “Bakken”).   The company hold also some minority positions in active wells in Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama. Operators are all majors.

Evaluating Properties

  L6NRG’s professional staff consists of experienced geologists, engineers, accountants, attorneys and landmen. Collectively, they have over 50 years of average experience. L6NRG possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to source and evaluate prospects from a diverse number of geographical regions.  Currently, L6NRG’s efforts are focused in the Bakken and Three Forks areas in the Rockies, but we also explore other opportunities in Texas, Alabama and Oklahoma We evaluate all prospective acquisitions on the basis of their oil and natural gas producing potential or history.  Key screening criteria include:  

  • Production history
  • Life expectancy of the oil and gas assets
  • Level of diversification
  • Growth potential
  • Status of operations.
  • Operator (strength & experience)

In order to thoroughly analyze all of these factors, L6NRG utilizes third party experts such as QRI,